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Customer opinions

Super Seminar

I can only recommend

The methodology and the training includes more than I expected.

The training was really great for me.

I am pleasantly surprised.

The tools are universal and can also be used outside the taught method.

This training is very helpful to me.

A 1-day training would be useful for all employees. The would need all the basic methodological knowledge.

So far I had of the method a complete misconception.

Since considerably more plugged in there than I thought.

The training is absolutely interesting and recommended for everyone.

The various examples are well in order to understand the reference to its own operating reality.

I can take away from the training a lot in practice.

My knowledge is from 0 to 100th

Very good, extremely valuable, great benefits, practical

We have clearly identified sites in our home

The great benefit of this event is clearly seen by all of us





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This book will help you to understand
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related subjects. It represents the FMEA
ago as a universal toolbox for all

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