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FMEA TÜV Zertifizierung

FMEA Plus Akademie Deutschland, FMEA Schulungen, Trainings, Workshops und Coachings


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 APIS IQ RM Bases. (STSB-A1d-P1)
 APIS IQ RM Basic-Seminar 2 days (STSB-A2d-P2)
 APIS IQ RM expert workshop individually (AW01A1)
 APIS IQ RM User Coaching. (AC01A1)
 BABTEC Basic-Workshop 1 day (STSB-B1d-P1)
 Communication, moderation, presentation (STKB-01d-P1)
 Customer orientation Korea / Japan 1 day (STKB-06d-P1)
 Design-FMEA Methodology Basic Training (STMB-02d-P2)
 DRBFM-Methode Workshop (FW02A1)
 Energy manager / energy auditor according to ISO 50001 (EM01A1)
 Expertenworkshop (FM03A1)
 Fault tree analysis - fundamentals and practice (STTB-02d-P2)
 Finding a solution for 8D und Global 8D (ST8B-01d-P1)
 FMEA AIAG-VDA Update Training ()
 FMEA and APIS IQ Deepening (STSC-A2d-P2)
 FMEA method deepening 1 day (STMC-01d-P1)
 FMEA Methodology Basic Training 1 day (STMB-01d-P1)
 FMEA Methodology Basic Training 3 days (STMB-03d-P3)
 FMEA Moderation (FW01A1)
 FMEA Moderator Education A-Z (FA01AP)
 Hazard and risk analysis based training across all sectors. (GM01A1)
 Problem solving according to 8D and Global 8D (ST8B-02d-P3)
 Qualification of moderators and multipliers 2 days (STKB-07d-P2)
 Risk management in accordance with DIN ISO 31000. (RM01A1)
 Special Features Training (SW04A1)
 Special features workshop (SW05A1)
 Special workshop individually (SW01A1)
 Workshop presenters in FMEA and risk management. (SW02A2)
 zertifizierter FMEA-Moderator ()
 zertifizierter Kommunikationstrainer ()
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