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Communication, moderation, presentation

Moderator training basic module 2: Methods of communication, presentation and facilitation. (STKT-B1D-P1)

Short description
Getting to know and practicing relevant as FMEA Moderator methods of communication, presentation and facilitation. How it works human perception. Confront instead hurt: constructive feedback. Recognize personal communication patterns. Questions instead say: control of conversations. Disturbing and promoting behaviors in moderation.
Training days: 1 Day
Target: Effective basic knowledge needed for a successful FMEA moderation contents of the communication, presentation and facilitation.
Target groups: Employees and managers who want to learn the basics of FMEA-Moderation and all the FMEA process participants who want to improve your communication, presentation and facilitation behavior.
Prior knowledge: None
Note: In open training, coffee breaks and lunch are included.
Number of participants: 4 to 13 Persons
Services: Handout for folder
Price per person: €650,00
Price inhouse: €1.950,00
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