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FMEA AIAG-VDA Update Seminar

Getting started with the new harmonized FMEA Handbook 2019 (STFT-A2D-P1)

Short description
The 7-step FMEA methodology according to AIAG-VDA: ·Introduction ·New step 1: Planning and preparation ·P-diagram ·Elimination of rpn and new AP evaluation (prioritization of actions) ·Changes in the common approaches ·Harmonized FMEA form sheets ·new step 7: Documentation of the FMEA results ·Involvement of management ·General changes ·Supplemental FMEA for Monitoring and System Response (MSR)
Training days: 1 Day
Target: Get to know the new FMEA handbook as well as background with examples.
Target groups: Future and actiong FMEA facilitators, FMEA auditors and all FMEA interested, who want to get insights in the changes and innovations of the new guideline.
Prior knowledge: A basic training of FMEA methodology of at least one day and additional FMEA practical experience.
Note: Organisational requirements for proper training conduction will be checked previously.
Number of participants: 4 to 12 Persons
Services: All participants get: 1 Handbook each (for inhouse trainings +20Euro + VAT p.p.) 1 Certificate
Price per person: €650,00
Price inhouse: €1.950,00
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