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Seminars / Trainings

- 2 day(s)

European FMEA Congress 22./23.5.2019 Vienna / Registration - Early Bird 980 € excl. VAT (after 1.12.18 regular 1180€) (FW01A2)
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·Too Fast in Fog – Forecasting Limits in Complex Systems

·FMEA - Obligatory or Voluntary Exercise?

·Results of the FMEA-Software Benchmarks

·Alignment of FMEA handbooks VDA and AIAG (Ford, GM, FCA)

·Risk Management and FMEA - Towards a global approach

·Actual implementation of FMEA method in practice (AIAG / VDA) and best practice recommended action

·Combined Method for Product FMEA and Risk Assessment according to ISO12100

·Special Characteristics - Derivation in System Development, Design and Process

·FMEA ambitious Approach & Strategy according to AIAG 4th

·The Role of the Product FMEA in Reliability Engineering: Focus on Failure Mechanisms

·FMEA Method Description and its successful Application

·Safety FMEAs According to ISO 26262 – How Different Are They From Traditional FMEAs?

·FMEA future trend – Time for a change?




A deepening in the FMEA methodology - 1 day(s)

Moderator training building blocks 2: FMEA method development and deepening. (FM02A1)
Short description

The FMEA in the course of time.

Deepening of the foundations.

Interfaces/reviews/ESP. features / functional safety.

Talking points.

DRBFM-Methode Workshop - 1 day(s)

Workshop zur Anwendung der DRBFM-Methode (FW02A1)
Short description

·Einführung in die Methode der DRBFM (Design Review based on Failure Mode)

·Anwendung der Methode in allen Schritten zur Risikoanalyse bei Produkt- oder Prozessänderungen

·Dokumentation der Schritte der DRBFM mit der IQ-RM FMEA Software

·Nutzung der Formulare zur Datenerhebung

·Anwendung an vorbereiteten Beispielen und an einem Beispiel aus dem Produktbereich der Teilnehmer


FMEA method basics lecture - 2 day(s)

Familiarisation with and use of the FMEA method for high school students. (FM03A2)
Short description

- Introduction to FMEA methodology.

- Rules and Tools of FMEA methodology.

- FMEA questioning techniques and backgrounds.

- Embedding the FMEA in the development process.

FMEA Methodics 1d introduction - 1 day(s)

Getting started to the FMEA method (FM01A1)
Short description

Introduction to FMEA methodology

Rules of the FMEA methodology

Relationships of FMEA techniques

Embed the FMEA into the development process

FMEA Methodology Basic Training - 2 day(s)

Learning and practice of FMEA Methodology. (FM01A2)
Short description

- FMEA-Method introduction

- Rules of the FMEA Method

- Interrelations of different FMEA technologies

- Implementation of FMEA into the development process

FMEA Methodology training base - 3 day(s)

Introduction to the FMEA method, application and individual requirements in theory and practice. (FM01A3)
Short description

Introduction to FMEA methodology.

Rules of FMEA methodology.

Correlations of FMEA techniques.

Embedding the FMEA in the development process.

Mediation of various auxiliary tools with practical exercises.

FMEA Moderation - 1 day(s)

Moderation in the FMEA team to create an FMEA. (FW01A1)
Short description

Creating an FMEA for a specific product or the process.

Documentation according to the rules of the FMEA method.

Procedures with best practice development.

Tips and tricks for efficient and effective approach.

FMEA Moderator Basic Training - 3 day(s)

Method - deepening, deepening of software and communication for moderators. (FA01A3)
Short description

-Communication for moderators

-FMEA method deepening

-Deepening of software

FMEA Moderator Education A-Z - 0 day(s)

Complete Moderator training for field-proven moderator. (FA01AP)
Short description

Complete training to the moderator for 6 Months.

Basic training in methodology and software.

Three coached practice blocks

Moderator training method, communication and software.

FMEA Rollout - 3 day(s)

FMEA Grundlagentraining entlang der Firmen-FMEA-Methodenbeschreibung und projektbezogener Umsetzung in APIS (FA02A3)
Short description

Zertifizierter FMEA Moderator nach DIN EN ISO 17024 - 28 day(s)

komplette Moderatorenausbildung zum zertifizierten praxiserprobten betriebsinternen FMEA Moderator (FA02AP)
Short description

Ein Certified FMEA Moderator ist in der Lage, FMEA-Teamsitzungen effizient und praxisgerecht zu moderieren und damit wertvolle Ressourcen optimal zu nutzen. Als aktiver und passiver Moderator versteht er, die Mitarbeiter zur nachhaltigen Umsetzung zu motivieren und eine starke Identifikation mit dem Ergebnis zu schaffen. Ein FMEA-Moderator kann methodisch korrekt ein kleines Team moderieren und einfache FMEA-Strukturen in der Software erstellen.


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