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Structural net

21. Januar 2021 - FMEA Method

Discussion about the sense of future structural net

The state of the art is a structure tree whose root element represents the highest structure level. However, since functions and errors are modeled in nets, structural inconsistencies arise in some cases. These in turn often lead to inconsistencies, long discussions and compromises, which are not in the sense of a complete, conscientious and goal-oriented analysis. After all, the more realistic a model is, the more likely it is to be accepted by those involved, provided it does not seem too complicated.

To understand the topic, read the FMEA structure net​​​​​​​ article before your block entries.

Richard Harpster

06. Februar 2021

The problems with the AIAG VDA FMEA methodology (which is an adoption of the VDA FMEA methodology) cannot be fixed through the addition of the structural net. Based on a software program originally called Object-FMEA which later became APIS IQFMEA 2.0, the software is based on the premise that Fault Tree equals FMEA. In fact it cannot be fixed at all due its link to software.

At the ASQ 2020 World Conference I presented "AIAG VDA FMEA Handbook FMEA Methodology Demystified" ( ). In the presentation, I explain the fundamental flaws of the Design and Process FMEA methodologies.

I also wrote an article which was published in Quality Digest titled "The Case Against the AIAG VDA Design FMEA" ( ). Using a very simple I explain why the AIAG VDA DFMEA method is both ineffective and inefficient.

I am very happy to see that at least in the United States the weaknesses of the AIAG VDA FMEA methodology is becoming more understood and the expected adoption through IATF 16949 Customer Specific requirements has not happened.

Marc Klausgraber

26. Januar 2021

I can definitly agree with this.

Depending on the software, there are so far possibilities to rape the architecture of the structure setup a bit in the sense of one's own intention. However, this always gives rise to questions and/or discussions.

Especially for complex mechatronic systems, the root element-based structure tree is not a satisfactory solution in the long run.

A first step could indeed be a focal element-based structure network, built to match the function and fault networks.

To realize this is probably less a software-technical than a methodical-conservative problem. Now we have just achieved a transatlantic FMEA standard with great effort; to revise it again in the foreseeable future seems to me to be at least a lengthy process. Perhaps we should also talk about this with the Chinese as a long established automotive power...

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