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Design-FMEA Methodology Basic Training

Learning and practice of FMEA Methodology. (STFT-B1D-P2)

- Introduction to the 7-step FMEA methodology according to the state of the art - Rules of the Design FMEA method according to the harmonised 7-steps of the AIAG-VDA 2019 - Interrelationships of FMEA techniques - Embedding the FMEA in the development process. - Design-FMEA exercises
Schulungstage: 2 Tage
Ziel: - Practice the FMEA-Method as an effctive teammember. - FMEA Basic Handbook. - Certificate.
Beschreibung: Introduction of the design-FMEA Method - Risik analysis - Different uses of FMEA - Benefit and responsibilities of FMEA Rules for using the design-FMEA method Interrelations of different FMEA technologies an general methods of failure prevention. Learn and handle different tools like Brainstorming, Team work and Team-building process. Team exercises by use case studies and dissusion. Understand und use the training handbook.
Zielgruppen: This training is designed for all employees and executive, learning principle about the FMEA methodology. Especially for those who did not work as an active Team member, but give support to the FMEA team by their knowhow or as a designated champion
Vorkenntnisse: None
Abschluss: Organisational requirements for proper training conduction will be checked previously.
Teilnehmeranzahl: 5 bis 12 Personen
Teilnehmermaterial: The training is designed for max. 12 participants. All participants gets: 2 Day FMEA Methodology Training 1 Handbook 1 Certificate
Standardpreis frei: €1.180,00
Standardpreis inhouse: €3.400,00