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certified FMEA moderator

Preparation and certification day to become a certified FMEA moderator including TÜV certificate according to DIN EN ISO 17024 (ZLFL-M1D-P2)

Preparation and examination day for obtaining the TÜpersonal certificate as an FMEA moderator Part 1 Written examination Part 2 Assessment (moderation)
Schulungstage: 2 Tage
Ziel: TÜcertified FMEA moderator
Beschreibung: Preparation day: All competencies necessary for passing the exam on the second day are repeated, trained and practised. exam day: 1. Written exam: Multiple choice test for the FMEA method with 60% correct answers (25 questions - 15 correct answers) 2. Assessment in the moderation environment a. Self-moderation (task set by the FpA) in your own software (25min) + feedback from trainer (10min) b. Different roles in assessing other participants
Zielgruppen: Experienced and state of the art trained moderators, who are not yet sure if they can pass a moderator qualification.
Vorkenntnisse: In order to take part in the certification exam, in-depth FMEA knowledge and/or experience as a team member or moderator in FMEA projects are required. In addition to sound basic knowledge of the FMEA methodology, experience with common FMEA software products is required.
Abschluss: ATTENTION: For in-house testing, 300 € TÜV fees are added per test item.
Teilnehmeranzahl: 4 bis 8 Personen
Standardpreis frei: €1.400,00
Standardpreis inhouse: €3.900,00
28. 03. - 29. 03. 2023 Kißlegg Anmelden
24. 10. - 25. 10. 2023 Kißlegg Anmelden
24. 10. - 25. 10. 2023 Stuttgart Anmelden