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Moderation and meeting techniques 2 day

Moderation and meeting techniques 2d Basic per person (STKT-B2D-P2)

- Information and decision preparations are usually prepared in meetings and discussions, which often do not achieve the desired result in the targeted time. - In this seminar, the prerequisites for the implementation of process- and result-oriented meetings are created.
Schulungstage: 2 Tage
Ziel: - The role of the moderator and the tasks to be performed. - Dealing with difficult meeting participants and solution-oriented handling of the prepared topics. - The seminar gives you the tools for an optimised organisation and moderation of teams and groups.
Beschreibung: - Structured planning and control of meetings. - Difficult situations for moderators and their positive coping. - The role and tasks of the moderator. - Visualization and securing of results.
Zielgruppen: Executives, moderators and all those involved in moderations and meetings.
Teilnehmeranzahl: 0 bis 0 Personen
Standardpreis frei: €1.180,00
Standardpreis inhouse: €3.400,00