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Problem solving according to 8D and Global 8D

3 days method training in theory and practice (ST8T-B1D-P3)

Getting to know the problem solution by 8D and Global 8D their practical application. The steps in the processes 8D and their function. Working techniques to collect and analyze problem data.
Schulungstage: 3 Tage
Ziel: Employees to develop effective team members to eliminate accumulating quality problems and complaints or edit.
Beschreibung: Introduction in global 8D-Methodik -Problem-solving approaches -Method of Kepnter/company -Areas of application -Difference of 8D and global 8D Get to know and apply the methods in all 8 disciplines Mediation of various work and analysis techniques -Task analysis -Root cause analysis -Decision methodology -Problem avoidance Involvement in the continuous improvement process of KVP. Becoming acquainted with helper methods such as DOE, control charts, Pareto, Ishikawa... Team work and team create process practical exercises using case examples and discussions in group work getting to know the training manual
Zielgruppen: All employees who are actively working on solutions to problems and/or for the 8D Team should be qualified.
Vorkenntnisse: None. Practical experience in the processing of complaints in the design or manufacturing is helpful.
Abschluss: Organizational requirements for the proper conduct are coordinated in advance.
Teilnehmeranzahl: 5 bis 12 Personen
Teilnehmermaterial: The training is designed for maximum 12 participants Each participant will receive: 3 days training methodologies 1 TN Manual und Trainings material
Standardpreis frei: €1.480,00
Standardpreis inhouse: €5.100,00
22. 09. - 24. 09. 2021 Online Anmelden
22. 09. - 24. 09. 2021 Stuttgart Anmelden
22. 09. - 24. 09. 2021 Düsseldorf Anmelden
08. 12. - 10. 12. 2021 Düsseldorf Anmelden
08. 12. - 10. 12. 2021 München Anmelden
08. 12. - 10. 12. 2021 Online Anmelden