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FMEA Coaching

APIS IQ RM user coaching

Accompanying APIS users with optimization in daily practice

FMEA coaching in a practice environment

Coaching of moderators on FMEA modeling in a secure practice environment

FMEA coaching in real environment

Coaching of moderators on FMEA models in real projects in the company

FMEA video coaching

Coaching by videoconference of moderators on company projects

Individual FMEA coaching (contingent 10h)

Individual advanced FMEA coaching on-site or over the phone or via video conference.

Participation at professional moderations

Visit of the moderator at a professional moderation in a foreign company


You can find our proven coaching here.

We generally advise you according to the state of the art and the state of science 2020.

In our coaching we support you to implement your moderation in your projects even more effectively and efficiently. We help you build the right models and work together to find the optimal way to successfully achieve your goals in your processes and organization.

You should contact us in advance to determine your individual needs regarding the content and scope.

We are happy to help.