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FMEA consulting and FMEA moderations

FMEA strategy for decision-makers

Strategy advice for decision-makers for the introduction and optimization of the FMEA culture


Moderation in the FMEA team to create an FMEA

Moderation for problem solving (8D)

Leading a team of experts through the problem solving process

Support FMEA method description

Support in the preparation of your future internal FMEA method description

Support FMEA software selection

Advice for decision preparation of your future FMEA software

Support with generic FMEA

Support in the creation of your generic FMEA (family FMEA)

Consulting and moderations

Here you will find our proven consulting and moderations.

We generally advise you according to the state of the art and the state of science 2020.

The success of our consultations and moderations naturally depends on your preparation, your level of knowledge, your organization and the software used.

You should contact us in advance to determine your individual needs regarding the content and scope.

We are happy to help.