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FMEA Awareness Hilti 3h

Overview and base knowledge about the FMEA-method at Hilti (STFT-B1D-I05)

Short description
- Introduction to the 7-step FMEA methodology according to the state of the art - Rules of the FMEA method according to the harmonised 7 steps at Hilti - FMEA for design, process and application
Training days: 0.5 Days
Target: •5Basic understanding •5Enthusiasm •5Hilti FMEA process •5FMEA Systematics (7-step overview with Hilti example cpl. A, D, P) •5Reading an FMEA and its results
Description: •5Overview FMEA •5What is a risk, change (picture only) •5Types of FMEA (Hilti specific - A,D,P) •57-step overview •5D-FMEA; block diagram; 7-steps (systematic only - one example in the form) •5P-FMEA; PAD, 7-steps (only systematics - one example in the form) •5A-FMEA; special features •5Babtec screenshots (structure, fault network, formsheet, AP evaluation)
Target groups: - Decision makers - Experts participating in FMEA meetings
Prior knowledge: no
Number of participants: 4 to 30 Persons
Price per person: €0,00
Price inhouse: €850,00