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APIS IQ RM deepening 1 day

Moderator Training Basic Module 3: Software Advanced Apis 1d (STSA-A1D-P1)

Short description
- Concrete application of the FMEA method. - Settings and definitions. - Structural, functional, failure and action analysis. and optimizations. - Tips and tricks for efficient and effective procedures.
Training days: 1 Day
Target: IQ-RM Moderators Guide Better understanding of working with the software to be limited in daily practice more durable and to be faster so that discussion to a minimum and the substance of a FMEA is effectively optimized.
Description: - In this moderator software training the work with Babtec is deepened and experience values in the direction of "best practice" are used. - Information about the Apis way and explanation of the background contribute to understanding. - Practical cases will be discussed. - Daily moderator tasks are addressed and questions resolved.
Target groups: Future and current FMEA moderators, FMEA auditors and all FMEA interested persons who gain a deeper insight, and want to work more effectively with the tool.
Prior knowledge: Methods basic training on at least one day APIS basic training and a practical experience over at least two APIS FMEAs.
Note: Organisational requirements for proper implementation are agreed in good time in advance.
Number of participants: 5 to 10 Persons
Services: There is a separate computer with installed updated software’s required.
Price per person: €650,00
Price inhouse: €1.950,00