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certified communication trainer

FMEAplus complete training to become a certified communication trainer (ZLKL-K1D-P15)

Short description
Trainer qualities and personal means of action are not comparable with technical knowledge and learned behaviour as in technical training. It requires a solid and effective foundation and a broad knowledge base, which can only be trained through constant practice and applied unconsciously in all coaching.
Training days: 15 Days
Target: A qualified education to be successful or even more successful in moderation, coaching or training.
Description: Day 1: learning aid and coach - what am I when? First Presentation and Effective Means video feedback Day 2: learning psychology Develop different training and moderation methods Day 3 Fundamentals of communication Preparing and presenting building blocks in a target-group-oriented way Work professionally with feedback Day 4: Present communication modules coaching Coaching goals and contents Day 5: coaching strategies and methods Coaching interview training homework Day 6 Preparation of media and methods presentation techniques Implementation of a training module Day 7 Moderation of groups Capturing diversity of opinion Evaluation and decision techniques Day 8 Determination of training needs Definition of training objectives Establishment of a training plan Day 9 Planning your own training / moderation concept Formulation and presentation of learning objectives for your own training/moderation concept Day 10: personality profiles for trainers and participants Benefits for trainers in training situations Principles of motivating leadership behavior Day 11: presentation of the self-developed training and moderation concepts Discussion of content Day 12: Influencing factors on learning success learning styles Securing knowledge and transfer Day 13: group dynamics 4 phases of a group TZI and Transaction Analysis Day 14: Difficult training situations - What can I do? Adherence to goal-oriented training self-organisation Day 15: Training safety in dealing with typical behaviour of participants Final feedback - Individual action plan
Target groups: Moderators and trainers
Prior knowledge: Work experience desirable
Number of participants: 4 to 10 Persons
Services: Each participant receives: a manual a certificate of attendance
Price per person: €11.500,00
Price inhouse: €30.000,00