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Conflict resolution 2 days

Conflict resolution 1 days basic per person (STKT-A1D-P2)

Short description
The professional requirements are increasing more and more nowadays and are often the trigger and consequence of conflicts. Conflicts are part of everyday life. You learn a constructive and effective conflict management. You will use effective techniques to train solution-oriented behaviour and how to deal with it constructively in difficult situations. This behaviour motivates and is a valuable part of the companys success.
Training days: 2 Days
Target: - You can solve conflicts sustainably. - You deal constructively with the topic of conflicts and successfully implement active conflict management. - In the future, you will recognize and analyze conflicts in good time and be able to resolve them profitably for all participants and shape them positively.
Description: - Conflicts and types of conflict in the professional environment. - Conflict analysis and diagnosis for teams, departments and also with suppliers and customers. - My own attitude towards conflicts and how I deal with them. - Basic patterns of conflicts and conflict resolution techniques.
Target groups: Executives, moderators and all those involved in moderations and meetings.
Number of participants: 1 to 12 Persons
Services: Alle Teilnehmer erhalten: Handout (bei Inhouse Kosten zzgl.) und Teilnahmebescheinigung.
Price per person: € 1.180,00
Price inhouse: € 3.400,00