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FMEA Methodology Basic Training 3 days

Get to know the FMEA method, application and individual requirements in theory and practice (STFT-B1D-P3)

Short description
- Introduction to the 7-step FMEA methodology according to the state of the art - Rules of the FMEA method according to the harmonized 7-steps of the AIAG-VDA 2019 - Interrelationships of FMEA techniques - Embedding the FMEA in the development process. - Mediation of different auxiliary tools with practical exercises. - The training takes place according to the state of the art and science.
Training days: 3 Days
Target: Safely applying the FMEA method as an effective team member.
Description: Introduction to FMEA methodology - Risk Analysis - Application Areas - Benefits and obligations in the FMEA Rules of FMEA methodology - System / Concept FMEA - Design FMEA - Process FMEA Correlations of FMEA techniques and general methods for avoiding errors Mediation of various auxiliary tools, brainstorming, force field analysis, interface matrix P-Chart. Team work and team-building process. Practical exercises using case studies and discussions in group work Application and transfer of learned technique at a subscriber Example Introduction to the training manual.
Target groups: Employees who are involved in the creation and development of FMEAs. These are in particular specialists in the technical areas of product development, production planning and production, which are involved in the design and development of parts and processes and thereby prevent the occurrence of potential problems or to minimize.
Prior knowledge: None (more than a year of work experience helpful)
Note: Organizational requirements for the proper conduct of the training are coordinated in advance.
Number of participants: 5 to 12 Persons
Services: 3 Days Training methods TN 1 Manual / training aids and certificate
Price per person: €1.480,00
Price inhouse: €5.100,00
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14. 09. - 31. 03. 2022 Weingarten Register
20. 09. - 22. 09. 2021 Würzburg Register
27. 09. - 29. 09. 2021 Brunn am Gebirge Register
12. 10. - 14. 10. 2021 Saarbrücken Register
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