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FMEA Moderator seminar 3 days

Method deepening, software deepening and communication for moderators (STPT-A1D-P3)

Short description
- FMEA method deepening. - Communikation for moderators. - Software deepening.
Training days: 3 Days
Target: Create FMEAs more independently and enhance the communication in the moderation.
Description: Enhancement seminar to become a moderator. - Moderator basic seminar includes: ·Module 1: overview communikation for Moderators KM01A1 ·Module 2: FMEA methode deepening FM02A1 ·Module 3: software deepening (individual)
Target groups: - Further education from FMEA team member to moderator. - Companies, which want to further educate their employees to FMEA moderators. - Employment agencies, which want to offer FMEA moderators.
Prior knowledge: A FMEA basic method seminar or long FMEA experience is required. Practical experience in development, quality, project management, testing, etc. of at least 3 years are advantageous. Personal basic competences in communication, conflict management, quality, project management and joy at the method should be present.
Note: For a proper implementation, the number of participants should be limited to approx. 8 people. For in-house training, there are additional costs for travel, accommodation, expenses and training material in addition to the daily training rates.
Number of participants: 6 to 12 Persons
Services: Own laptops with the FMEA software are required.
Price per person: € 1.950,00
Price inhouse: € 5.500,00