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FMEA Moderator training complete

complete moderator training to a practical experienced FMEA moderator (STPT-A2D-P18)

Short description
- Complete training to moderator over 6 months. - Basic training in method and software. - Moderator (advanced) training in method, communication and softwareModeratorentraining in Methode, Kommunikation und Software. - Coaching, internship and preparation for the certification.
Training days: 18 Days
Target: Own moderators, who can create senseful and purposeful FMEAs and enhance the communication along the project life cycle.
Description: Contained blocks: 1. Basic seminar FMEA method and software 5day 2. Coaching in FMEA exercise environment 1d 3. FMEA method deepening 1d 4. Communikation for FMEA moderators 1d 5. FMEA software deepening 1d 6. Internship at professional FMEA moderations 7. Coaching in real environment Echtumgebung 2d 8. Video-Coaching 20h 9. Preparation day for certification day to FMEA moderator 1d
Prior knowledge: Practical experience in development, quality, project management, testing, etc. of at least 3 years are advantageous. Personal basic competences in communication, conflict management, quality, project management and joy at the method should be present.
Note: For a proper implementation, the number of participants should be limited to approx. 8 people. For in-house training, there are additional costs for travel, accommodation, expenses and training material in addition to the daily training rates.
Number of participants: 4 to 8 Persons
Services: This entire concept generally is adapted and optimized with the future moderators and their companies to fit their requirements. Own laptops with an FMEA Software are required.
Price per person: €12.800,00
Price inhouse: €29.500,00