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Certification course FMEA-User

Training in methods and software with exercises to become a certified FMEA user (ZLFL-U1D-P5)

Short description
- 3d Methods Basic Training - 2d Software Training Basis - Final examination to become a certified FMEA user
Training days: 5 Days
Target: A certified FMEA user understands the finished structures and interrelationships of FMEA and can edit its scope methodically correct in an FMEA software.
Description: FMEA methodology: 1. risk analysis 2. areas of application, benefits and obligations in FMEA 3. teamwork and team-building process with rules 4. rules of the FMEA methodology 5. FMEA types (system/concept, components, process FMEA) 6. 7 steps for the creation of an FMEA 7. interrelationships of FMEA techniques 8. general methods for error prevention 9. formulations and possibilities of the KowHow transfer 10. interfaces (FMEA types, customers, 8D, requirements, DVP) 11th FMEA process: Embedding the FMEA in the development process 12. various auxiliary tools for FMEA creation (e.g. block diagrams, Interface matrix, P-diagram, evaluation matrices, brainstorming, force field analysis, ...). FMEA software: 1. structure of the software 2. different display and edition options 3. preparation, definitions and notations 4. protocols 5. representation of the network structures 6. structural analysis, system structures 7. functional analysis 8. error analysis 9. analysis of measures 10. optimization and action tracking 11. presentation, statistical analysis 12. creation and administration of FMEA Formsheets 13. preparation of a process flow chart and control plan 14. structure, variant and project management 15. general functions (depending on software and needs: bookmarks, export/import, Evaluation catalogs, classification tables, document and workstation settings, System and user administration, multi-language administration, additional editors and Tips and tricks from the practice. Translated with (free version)
Target groups: FMEA team members and FMEA editors who, for example, want to enter 8D results or measures, update FMEAs or independently note their own know-how scopes in the FMEA as knowledge memory.
Prior knowledge: No special previous knowledge is required. More than one year of work experience would be helpful.
Note: Organizational requirements for the proper execution of the training are agreed in advance
Number of participants: 5 to 12 Persons
Services: Each participant receives: a methodology manual a software manual a certificate of completion
Price per person: €2.499,00
Price inhouse: €7.900,00
27. 09. - 13. 10. 2021 Brunn am Gebirge Register
27. 09. - 15. 10. 2021 Brunn am Gebirge Register