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Fault Tree Analysis (FTA) Basic and Practice and Isograph FaultTreeplus 3 days

Fault Tree Analysis (FTA) Basics and and Practice Isograph FaultTreeplus (STTT-B2D-P3)

Short description
The training includes the following contents: 1. methodology and use of fault tree analysis (largely tool-independent) 2. deepening / consolidation of methodological and numerical correlations (partly tool-specific) 3. FTA with the help of the specific tool Isograph RWB/FT+ for qualitative and quantitative analyses
Training days: 3 Days
Target: After the training, the participants are able to create and evaluate FTAs with Isograph FT+ methodically and mathematically in a corret way.
Description: Exercises on the key points consolidate the learning content. Day 1 Basics (with first examples from FT+): · Development and application of the methodology · Probability combinatorics · Fault probability and failure rate · Modeling basics for complex systems · Common-cause considerations · Introduction to tool-based FTA generation (FT+) Day 2 deepening (incl. insights into the implementation in FT+): ·Tabular evaluations of the FTA ·Integration into the development process · Combination of analyses and delimitation · Effectiveness of redundancies · Influence of periodic diagnoses and failure reactions · Modeling of the different levels of detail · Interface considerations · Integration of other analyses into an FTA Day 3 FTA in practice (increasingly tool specific): · Development support · Preparation and evaluation of results · Converting evaluations into normative requirements · Qualitative and quantitative evaluation options in Isograph FT+ · Report generation in Isograph FT+ · Reuse of FTA elements in Isograph FT+ · Overview of the different import and export options in Isograph FT+
Target groups: The method training is intended for (prospective or practising) system analysts, safety engineers, safety managers and quality engineers as well as prospective or practising users of the FT+ tool and method specialists for system analyses.
Prior knowledge: General knowledge of fault tree analysis methodology and evaluation options is expected. Mathematical knowledge of an engineering course or comparable education is required. The basics of probability theory should be known. Understanding of common representations of electronic systems such as HW block diagrams and/or SW descriptions is required. Proficient use of laptop computer is advantageous.
Note: Participants will need a free demo license of the software during the training, available from Isograph Limited.
Number of participants: 3 to 12 Persons
Services: These highly-skilled training also includes: - tools - pre- and post - certificates of participation for all participants
Price per person: € 2.490,00
Price inhouse: € 7.350,00
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