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Hazard and risk analysis based training across all sectors.

Intersectoral and detailed insight into the Principles and Methods for hazard and risk analysis. (STTT-B5D-P1)

Short description
Risikoanalyse Gefahrenanalyse G&R SIL ASIL Risikograph
Training days: 1 Day
Target: After the training, participants are able to moderate a hazard and risk analysis itself or to undergo a review in terms of methodological correctness. The possible methods and the selection of industry-specific approaches (eg HAZOP, risk graph, etc.) were learned. Security objectives and requirement categories (SIL, ASIL, etc.) can be determined autonomously and are checked for plausibility. Participants will receive in addition to the requirements of the various standards and insight into typical methodological pitfalls and mistakes in order to be able to specifically avoid. For use in practice, reference will be provided with the training materials.
Description: Whether plant engineering, mechanical engineering, aerospace drive, automotive industry or medical technology - hazard and risk analyses are not only a must but also an opportunity. As part of normative demands coming system administrators and development partners to systematically identify possible hazards around not to this activity. But this first main step for determining security objectives for the protection of life and limb and the environment also helps to bring order into the thicket of security measures that are grown often wild and sometimes blind are transferred to a new context in a systematic approach. Only through an informed and professional methodology avoids the charge that from the oversight of application risks his own risk in product liability case. Methods Experienced Moderation is the key to safe way!
Target groups: The methods training is aimed at (aspiring or active) systems analysts, safety engineers, safety managers, quality engineers and analysis presenters.
Prior knowledge: Will need some knowledge of an engineering study or comparable training. Basic knowledge of safety technology or other analyzes for risk reduction should be available (eg FMEA). It is advantageous to previous participation in at least one hazard and risk analysis or an FMEA for a complex system.
Note: Because amount of content a pure training time is a minimum of 7 hours are necessary.
Number of participants: 5 to 16 Persons
Services: None
Price per person: €750,00
Price inhouse: €2.500,00