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Safety Office Workshop 1 day

Workshop in FMEA-Team to create a FMEA with Safety Office (CCSW-B3D-I1)

Short description
Creation of an FMEA for a specific product or its process. Documentation according to the rules of the FMEA method. Best practice approaches. Tips and tricks for an efficient and effective approach with Safety Office.
Training days: 1 Day
Target: The created FMEA can be used directly. The participants learn how to use the FMEA method in practice. The FMEA is integrated into the companys internal situation.
Description: - Creation of any FMEA according to the rules of FMEA methodology - Cooperation with the respective specialists or product and process managers - Provision of FMEA tools for proper implementation of an FMEA; e.g. evaluation tables, moderation material. - If necessary: Short instruction or repetition of the FMEA methodology before or during the events for the participants. - Documentation of the FMEA with the help of Safety Office - Alignment of the FMEA results with the existing procedures in your company Translated with (free version)
Target groups: Responsible for FMEA creation, FMEA moderators, employees of the quality and test departments, product and process managers
Prior knowledge: Methods Basic training at least two days and/or practical experience with several FMEA compilations.
Note: For a proper implementation, the number of participants should be limited to approx. 8 people. For in-house training, there are additional costs for travel, accommodation, expenses and training material in addition to the daily training rates.
Number of participants: 1 to 8 Persons
Services: The content-related topics are coordinated in advance. The data and documents required for effective moderation will be provided by the participants at the moderation date.
Price per person: € 0,00
Price inhouse: € 1.700,00