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Special Features Training

Special features identify consistent coverage. (STTT-B4D-P1)

Short description
Systems, components and parts, which direct impact on: ·Security ·Approval ·Functions Own, require an increased care. With the advent of the VDA volume "product creation - process description special features (BM) has movement in this issue in 2011. In the past, systematic approaches to the definition, identification and protectionof BM in practice of enterprises as a process often was a challenge. The VDA banddefines among other categories, as well as hedging concepts throughout the product lifecycle. Activities fall special significance to the FMEA for identification and protection, as well as the "Court-fixed" verification of the BM.
Training days: 1 Day
Target: The participants learn the VDA understand concept to BM and transfer them to their operational practice concerning: •5 The categories of safety, certification and functional •5 The identification and protection as teamwork and under the FMEA work. •5 The proposed filter concepts along the maturity model (concept, design, production planning and production process filters). •5 Labeling; •5 The process to secure and control basic legal aspects of the BM;
Description: Basic Knowledge BM • Objectives of the process BM • Definitions and categories of BM (security, registration, function) Identifying the specific characteristics • The role of the FMEA in the identification of BM • The responsibilities in the supply chain to identify and communicate the BM (OEM till Tier n) Filtering and securing the specific features Understand and apply: • Concept-, • Design-, • Production Planning- and • Production Process filters in the product development process. Special duty of care in the context BM: • Documentation requirements • Record keeping • Staff training • Process Qualification •Archiving Loans and advances to the "continuity" of BM • Systems, Design and Process FMEA • Test, Control / Control Plan • Drawings and other technical documents • Records / evidence Legal aspects of the specific features • Product Liability Relief verification
Target groups: Managers and employees from: •5 Product and Process Development •5 Production and assembly •5 Quality Planning •5 Project FMEA moderators
Prior knowledge: No specific previous knowledges required.
Note: Training materials, certificate, lunch and catering in the breaks are included.
Number of participants: 5 to 12 Persons
Services: Professional seminar management Extensive seminar folder (full color) Seminar paper (PDF download) Certificate of participations Lunch and catering coffee / tea in the breaks Pleasant training atmosphere with best service Space for Exchange of experience and transfer of knowledge
Price per person: € 590,00
Price inhouse: € 2.000,00