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Communication, moderation, presentation

Moderator training basic module 2: Methods of communication, presentation and facilitation. (STKT-B1D-P1)

Short description
Getting to know and practicing relevant as FMEA Moderator methods of communication, presentation and facilitation. How it works human perception. Confront instead hurt: constructive feedback. Recognize personal communication patterns. Questions instead say: control of conversations. Disturbing and promoting behaviors in moderation.
Training days: 1 Day
Target: Effective basic knowledge needed for a successful FMEA moderation contents of the communication, presentation and facilitation.
Description: In this seminar the FMEA presenters know how they change their communication behavior and can be successful at work and in daily life. You realize that professional knowledge and skills are not alone decisive for successful dealing with colleagues, superiors and customers. Get to know the processes, which expire in the perception and in the exchange of information between people. Also expand their possibilities for action in this seminar, various situations to hit the right tone. -How human perception. -See personal communication patterns. -Ask instead say: control of talks. -Disruptive and promotional practices in the moderation. -Confront instead hurt: constructive feedback. They reflect and change their behavior in practical situations. Exercises using case examples and discussions in group work. Application and transfer of the learned methods.
Target groups: Employees and managers who want to learn the basics of FMEA-Moderation and all the FMEA process participants who want to improve your communication, presentation and facilitation behavior.
Prior knowledge: None
Note: In open training, coffee breaks and lunch are included.
Number of participants: 4 to 13 Persons
Services: Handout for folder
Price per person: € 650,00
Price inhouse: € 1.950,00
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